Twist & Shape
Twist & Shape

Looking for tone firm sexy abs… and a stronger core… in just minutes a day?

Well, all you have to do is TWIST!

Twist & Shape’s abs’ sculpting secret is fusing together of two of the world’s best exercises . . . the Torso Twist and Hip Rotation! Moving in opposite directions puts your abs in the “toning zone” where they’re continuously worked by both movements!

Twist & Shape zeroes-in to strengthen and tone your upper abs . . . lower abs . . . even love handle obliques!  It also targets your hips, buns and thighs with lower body moves that are fluid, fast, fun and effective!

Twist & Shape is easy on your body with impact-free Spin Plates that create maximum muscle movement with minimum reps!

Sleek and sexy abs have never looked . . . or felt . . . so good!

Twist & Shape

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