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“Right from the start, we had a positive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationship with Thane – one that has developed over the years into a strong, synergetic and strategic alliance.”
– Willie Van Straaten

Inventor Willie Van Straaten

Building A Partnership With Thane:
Inventor Willie Van Straaten In His Own Words

“As inventors, we have worked with Thane since 2009. The first product licensed to Thane was an exercise machine called the Total Flex. Over the past 7 years a variety of products were licensed to Thane, and there are several other products currently under development.”

“When evaluating and choosing a licensing partner, we want to be sure we trust the company to accurately report information such as sales and royalties due; make timely royalty payments; respect our intellectual property and confidential information.”

“We ask: do they have a track record of successfully commercializing new products? Do they have the capability to rapidly penetrate world markets and generate high volumes of sales? Do they have the resources to manage a fully integrated value chain – from idea, to development and prototyping, to industrialization, manufacturing and marketing of the product, so as to bring a new invention to market at the lowest cost and in the shortest time?”

“With Thane, we found the answer to all of these questions was “YES!”

“The glue that holds together the relationship between an inventor and a marketing partner is trust and respect for one another – both rooted in the integrity of the parties. In the case of Thane, we have always relied on these as cornerstone qualities in both our personal and business relationships.”