Out of the Frying Pan, and Into the… Entire Kitchen?

Any way you look at it, FlavorStone cookware was a major success. The products were wonderful — incredibly innovative nonstick pots and pans of a quality that compared favorably to leading high end brands, without the high end cost.

FlavorStone® Cookware

Through multiple distribution channels, the Thane team simply let the world know how amazing these products were, and the sales were astronomical. After just one year of sales, FlavorStone cookware had shipped 500,000 units, and was a favorite in kitchens in 80 countries.

But at Thane, success is just a first step. An opportunity. Our strategy for FlavorStone was to extend the name — and the quality, innovation, and affordability that came with that name — not just to more pots and pans… but to the entire kitchen.

To do this, the Thane team became kitchen appliance experts. We knew it would take more than just selling into a market segment—our goal was to become a market segment leader. That’s the Thane philosophy behind every product we sell.

As a result, we took a great kitchen product and turned it into a great kitchen brand. Today, products such as the FlavorStone Cookware, FlavorChef Kitchen System Express, FlavorWave Cooker, FlavorStone InfusionGrill, FlavorFresh, and the FlavorMaster Pressure Cooker are kitchen staples that collectively have sold over 6.5 million units! These wonderful, affordable FlavorStone innovations are delighting customers in kitchens around the world.

The ability to extend a brand both vertically and horizontally in this way is one of Thane’s unique strengths. It takes a massive level of expertise to remain laser-focused on customer satisfaction, while at the same time controlling the product’s message, packaging, and regulatory rigor in over 80 countries.

Fortunately, the Thane team brings hundreds of years of collective international branding experience to the table. Whether the industry is kitchen appliances or fashion, fitness or household cleaning, our process is the same: analyze, find an entry point, and expand—with quality and customer satisfaction as our touchstone throughout.

It’s how we built our business. It’s how we build business for our partners. And it’s how, with FlavorStone, we jumped out of a frying pan… and into the entire kitchen.