Thane® Best Sellers

H2O X5®

The H2O X5® is a 5-in-1 steam-cleaning machine that helps clean almost every surface in your home!


All FlavorStone® cookware features the proprietary Sapphire™ non-stick cooking surface.

The Perfect Dog®

Everything you need to unleash your dog’s true potential and achieve the relationship you’ve always dreamed about.

Slim N’ Lift® AIRE™ Bra

The Slim N’ Lift AIRE Bra is the softest bra you’ll ever wear! No straps, no clips, no wires, no pain! with special air knit fabric it supports and lifts in all the right places.

Flavorwave Oven® Turbo

The Flavorwave Oven® Turbo allows you to prepare delicious, healthy meals up to three times faster then traditional methods.


The TOTAL FLEX® provides more than 50 gym exercises in the privacy of your own home. It helps you lose weight, burn calories and create lean muscles.


AGELESS WONDER® is a battery-powered portable EMS device intended for the improvement of facial toning and for the tightening and firming of the facial skin.

Ab Doer Twist™

With the AB DOER TWIST™ you do muscle toning and aerobic training at the same time – and from, a seated position.