Thane's vision is to be the leading marketer of innovative consumer products launched through direct response television and sold through multiple distribution channels worldwide.

100 Countries in 100 Days

Thane® has a unique business model that enables it to launch a product in 100 countries around the world in less than 100 days . We are able to accomplish this monumental marketing task through our network of subsidiaries, strategic partners and distributors around the world. We control 250,000 half hour time slots and 500,000 short form slots globally and own and operate 7 full time home shopping channels.

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Inventors & Product Owners

As one of the major direct response companies in the world, we pride ourselves on recognizing viable concepts and making them a reality – whether it is a fitness product, a housewares product or a beauty product.

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Our goal is to bring the best and most innovative products to customers around the world.

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